Towards a next narrative: "EUROPE"

2024 - 2025

Disclaimer on Language and Horizons(s)

This webpage is written in trans-national English, an idiom emerging from the need-driven, imaginative usage/application of a kind of English language vocabulary by a diverse multitude of non-native speakers in various situations and walks of life.
It does not mimic any standard or "correct" kind of British English. It is a language in its own right. It is a language, an expression, not owned by one culture or country any longer, but shaped by its free-floating adaption.
It signifies that words have meanings rooted in an individual, in a specific usage, and at the same time in a common understanding shaped by shared culture(s). It points out that speaking is listening, that writing is reading (even with machine translations, sometimes used here).
Providing sense stems from a dialogue - which always takes two, even in the individual reflection. This flowering tongue/lingo of trans-national English, this dialogue might be the starting point for a fine mix/assemblage of narratives heading towards a bright uncharted territory: OUR EARTH & a next EUROPE.

About the Project

SIRIUS4all – on facilitating decolonialization and a next narrative of the European Union / for EUROPE by addressing inclusion of new-comers via cultural co-creation and circulation of cultural expressions.

A next narrative for the European Union is needed; one that decolonizes, one that creates trust, hope, perspectives, one that includes: new-comers and long-standing residents.
Due to the climate catastrophe, to war & conflict(s) in Europe, to inequality, to acceleration and digitization, certainties are dissolving. Dealing with this, culture is a/the key.

Culture/art: a) understood as the way humans do their lives in all aspects social, economic, aesthetic, and artistic, and b) understood as the individual production of artistic insight by questioning the “now and here”, helps to create such new perspectives, understanding, a next narrative. SIRIUS4all strives to deep dive into cultural production(s) and explore (migrant) artists` production, questions, and cultural practices focused on the interconnection and relatedness of “new and old” EUROPEANS. The project ́s overall goal is the transnational creation & circulation in supporting the process of social inclusion by opening perceptions & perspectives for individual, communities, for EUROPE, for the European Unions´ members and for all new-comers.

The consortium, consisting of cultural organizers, will practically explore experiences to then showcase aspects of (migrant) artistic creation. Acknowledging and enjoying the productive cultural differences within EUROPE, events will happen 2024 to 2025 in Sofia, Copenhagen, Berlin, Perugia, and on Sicily as well as online. SIRIUS4all will call upon (migrant) artists for their contribution. The project will be using different “tools/modes” of exploration and dissemination: dialogue, listening, exhibition, sound, visuals, interaction, digital and social media. Results will be gathered, documented and presented, to be showcased finally at a 3-D-Online-Gallery space running for five curated years. The gallery is open to other curated project results related to SIRIUS4all as well.

Partners from Germany (Freeartus, Berlin), Denmark (CKI, Copenhagen), Bulgaria (A25, Sofia), Italy (Luoghi Comuni, Perugia) - all from the cultural and creative industries sector involved in various related activities already - specifically in the field of narration / migration / inclusion / public awareness activities via the arts - gathered to work on SIRIUS4all.

SIRIUS4all 3-D-Online-Gallery

Artefacts and aspects of a next narrative for/of Europe, for us presented and accessible in a three-dimensional gallery space: The Exploratorium.

Under construction. More in 6/2024.

Results (papers, images, fragments, ideas, dead ends,)

Insights, observations, impressions and expressions produced by the project.

Under permanent construction ... yet filling up.

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Funder & Maker Space

Funded by the European Union under the CREA-CULT-COOP 2023 program. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or EACEA. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority EACEA can be held responsible for them. 


# Freeartus - Artists and Refugees United for Freedom // Berlin, Germany


# CKI - Center for Kunst og Interkultur// Copenhagen, Danmark


# A25 - Cultural Foundation // Sofia, Bulgaria

Luoghi Comuni

# Luoghi Comuni // Perugia, Italy