Want to play? 

Try "Mapping My EUROPE"!

We, the project people, ask you to play with your mental map, your very own mental image and feel of the subcontinent we live on: "My EUROPE".

"Mapping" will only take about 5 minutes.

What will we do with this anonymous input of yours? 
We would collect all the input and use it as a kind of survey, establishing an overview of the individual maps and ideas: "Our EUROPE".

It is not complicated ... please have a look at the example below.
Your name will not be shown anywhere. All data will not be stored. Only the evaluation will be visible online here. All this is done anonymously according to data protection regulations.

Thank you very much for support, your help, your input!

1. Game: A quick look at the qualities and feelings of your EUROPE

Please CLICK ON THIS LINK, a template will pop up where you can push slider-bars or tick boxes on the feelings and qualities of your EUROPE.

Please continue with game 2 below.

2. Game: A mental map easily created by writing and drawing

Please click on the following link and use the creator space for this: go to my mental map.

Please continue with game 3 below.

3. Game: A whiteboard to be filled online with your ideas and remarks

Please click on the link, a MIRO template will pop up which you can use and fill with sticker pads like a real whiteboard where you put up ideas in a workshop.

The results will be published on this website once the project is finished at the beginning of 2026.